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E-GYRO by PCFlight Systems
A low cost miniature Turn, Bank and Pitch indicator developed specifically for general aviation applications.

Now any aircraft can have an electronic turn and pitch indicator.

The E-GYRO utilizes state-of-the-art solid state electronic devices to perform the functions provided by conventional mechanical attitude/artificial horizon gyros. The system consists of a self powered electronic gyro module with a built in turn/bank and pitch light bar display. The display is color coded so high turn rates and pitch angles cause a red light to indicate the direction of the high turn and/or pitch angle, alerting the pilot to a potentially dangerous attitude.

  • Color coded light bar displays turn rate, bank and pitch
  • Portable - Pocket sized
  • Battery Powered - solid state
  • High reliability electronic gyros
  • Low cost
  • Works in all aircraft
  • No vacuum system required
  • No electrical system required
  • No external connections
  • No GPS, or any other connection, required
  • Fully self contained


Order E-GYRO today for only $495.


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