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Important Note: After loading or updating the software on your iPaq, make sure to press the reset button prior to using the software. The gyro module should be disconnected from the iPaq when the reset operation is performed.

Versions 3.6B and 2.7B are the only versions which can be used with PocketPC 2002. the newest software is version 3.6B dated 05/27. These versions will work with all PocketPC 2002 devices and will also work with all iPaqs (including all the 3600, 3700, 3800 and 3900 series) which are running PocketPC 2000 or PocketPC 2002.

Documentation - the following is the most up-to-date documentation available for our products.







To install the software: Click on the appropriate link below and save the file to your persoal computer. You must then use Active Sync to manually copy the file (PPCEFIS.EXE) into the Windows/Start menu directory of your PocketPC. The PPCEFIS.EXE program will not run on a persoanl computer - it will work only on PocketPC computers.

Version 3.6B PCEFIS GlassHorizon - Requires iPaq and GPS option.

Version 3.6 documentation (.pdf)

Version 2.7B - For non-GPS units only 12/14 (iPaq only)


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